NBI Clearance proves that the person has no criminal record or civil cases and obligations. Obtaining NBI clearance is now very easy and very convenient thru their online facility. I used this service last year, 2012 for travel abroad and employment purposes. NBI clearance is also a requirement for visa applications. Here is the link to NBI online application.

For those NBI Clearance holders issued from their old system, ie, that NBI green card from the previous contractor Datamex, renewal is not an option anymore. You have to reapply like it is your first time. I suffered from these inconveniences when I tried to renew my NBI
Clearance. I remember it was still paper and pen application form back then in 2011, and the Carriedo office was still existing. I have to come back after 2 weeks to get my clearance. Anyway, so much for the rant 

Requirements for Application of NBI Clearance:
A. Two (2) valid IDs (government IDs like SSS, GSIS, Passport, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License, and company ID)

B.Payment of Fees thru:
GCash – thru your Gcash account or the GCash payment center (For Gcash members, send the GCash payment to 28829175638053)
2. Pinoy Pera Padala – thru PPP payment centers
- This payment option have accepted payments since January 28, 2013.

C.Your Reference Number

D.Your Printed QR Code
Application Procedures:

1. Pay the appropriate amount of NBI Clearance in any of their accredited payment centers. NOTE: payments in excess or shortage will NOT be accepted and are considered void and forfeited.

2. Keep the receipt of payment and take note of the Reference Number. If you paid via GCash, wait for the text message containing the Reference Number.

3. Register online and validate your payment by logging onto NBI online application.

NBI Homepage

For online registration of NBI Clearance, you need to provide the following details:
a. Enter and confirm your valid email address

b. Enter the Reference number from Globe ( with date of receipt ) or PPP ( with your date of birth )

c. Choose the purpose of NBI Clearance you are applying for from the drop down menu. Take note of the corresponding amount.

d. Enter the security code or Captcha.

e. Hit the Validate button. Check your email for the confirmation code from NBI eClearance.

f. You will be directed to the NBI online registration page if the details of payment you entered are valid and have selected the appropriate purpose. Fill out the registration form completely and accurately to create an account in NBI.

NOTE: Be mindful of typographical errors. A single letter mistake can cause a huge delay on your application and additional work to do.

g. Once you have completed the registration form, click “OK” to proceed to the PERSONAL INFORMATION/CLEARANCE APPLICATION page. Click “Cancel” if you do not want to continue with NBI Clearance registration.

h. Enter all the required details in the boxes provided. Click “Save to Clearance”. You will then be directed to the QR page. Click “Print”.

NOTE: http://nbi-online.com/ is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. It works fine on Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) but does not work on IE8 or lower.

4. Bring the QR code printout along with your valid IDs. You can book an appointment at the NBI Clearance center of your choice. It is available here. Present the QR code printout once you’ve arrived at the clearance center then proceed to the eClearance lane.

There is a Globe office located at the 4th Floor of the NBI Building for encoding, in the event that you just made the payment via Globe, did not completed the registration form online but you headed to NBI. You will have to come back after 2-3 days to get your clearance. But if you do not have the time to do so, you can ask the LBC located in front of the Globe office to send it by mail. You just pay P60 only to deliver it to your address. Delivery fees vary according to location.

Below is the list of fees for each purpose of NBI Clearance: 
ACR Requirement P440 (Alien Certificate of Registration, and it is a form of identification issued to foreigners by immigration)

Adoption P190

Bid Requirement P140

Business Requirement P190

Cancellation of ACR P440

Change of Name P190

Customs Pass ID P140

DOT Requirement P140

Enlistment AFP P140

Enlistment PNP. P140

Firearm Licences P190

For Probation P140

For Promotion. P140

ID Purposes P140

Immigration Requirement P140

Lateral Entry P140

LTO Requirement P140

Local Employment P140

Marriage Requirement P140

Naturalization P440

NFA Requirement P165

Passport Renewal P140

Permit to Carry Firearm P190

Other Requirement P140

PNP Requirement P140

POEA Requirement P190

PRA Requirement P190

PRC Requirement P140

Promotion P140

Repatriation P440

Seaman’s Book P140

SEC Requirement P190

SSS Requirement P140

Student Visa P140

TBC P190

TBC for RTO P190

Travel Abroad P140

Travel to countries like Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, New Zealand, USA, Taiwan, Middle East, Qatar, China, etc P140

Visa to countries P140