Documents Required or Requirements for SSS Maternity Benefit Claim

Documents Required for SSS Maternity Benefit Claim

These are the documents needed in filing your SSS Maternity Benefit Claim in the Philippines:


1. Maternity Benefit Claim Application (SSS Form MAT-2)

2. Maternity Notification (SSS Form MAT-1)
    - should be stamped and received by SSS BEFORE delivery of child

3. SSS ID card
   - or your SSS ID application acknowledgment stub and
     2 valid IDs both with signature and at least 1 ID with photo and date of birth
4. Birth certificate of the child
  - Original or Certified True Copy by the Local Civil Registrar,
     or Original Copy from NSO 
     (Hindi puede yong certified copy from the hospital where you gave birth.
      Hindi rin puede yong merong tatak na "Certified True Copy" pero naka-xerox.   
      Dapat original o fresh yong tatak na Certified True Copy at yong stamp)


If Delivery was through Caesarean Section:

 Certified true copy of Operating Room Record or Surgical Memorandum

If Child was Born Abroad:

The birth certificate must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate, or notarized by a notary public in the country where the child was born

If the certificate is in foreign language, it must be with English translation and also authenticated by the Philippine embassy or consulate or notarized by notary public in the host country

If Mother-Member Is Unemployed at Delivery Date, but was Recently Previously Employed

Certification of Separation from Employer, with Date of Separation

If Mother-Member was Separated from Employment 6 Months or Less Prior to Giving Birth:

1. Certification of Separation from Employer, with Date of Separation and statement that the employer did not advance any maternity benefit to the member

2. Signature Specimen Card from Employer (L-501 Form)

- SSS says it might require additional documents if certain submitted documents have defects

Where to submit your maternity benefit claim:

At the SSS branch nearest your residence or place of work

For overseas workers, you can submit your documents at the branch nearest your Philippine residence or at the SSS Diliman branch.

NOTE:  There are additional or other documents for abortion, incomplete abortion, miscarriage and stillborn cases.